Custom meat orders butchered to your specifications.

Peterson & Shaner is a family run farm incorporated in 1965. We specialize in raising no added hormone. antibiotic free black Angus beef. We sell freezer sides of beef which are butchered to the customer's specifications in our butcher shop. Our animals spend most of their lives in the pastures and are then finished on a mixture of hay, corn, fruit and grain for that added marbling. If you want premium beef and like to know where it came from, give us a call.

About the butcher


Carl Gill has been with us for thirteen years. He began his career in meat cutting at Mopac meat packing plant where he worked for two years.  Carl worked for Genuardi Family Markets for nineteen years  as a meat cutter and meat department manager.  He continues to have a passion for butchering.  Carl is always ready to share tips on how to prepare a roast or cook a great steak. We are grateful to have someone with Carl 's skill and ability working in our shop.  


The Ordering Process

Once you have made the decision to buy a side of beef,  contact us at our phone number or email. We will contact you to set up a time and date to butcher your animal.   Our butcher will discuss the beef cutting order form with you.  You will choose the thickness of  your steaks and various options for  hamburger and roasts.  We will select an animal that will be slaughtered in an FDA inspected facility and returned to us ready to be butchered. This is the only time these animals leave our farm. Our butcher will cut your side to your order specifications. You will be contacted when your order is ready for pickup.  We are happy to answer any questions. 


Additional Information

  •  A freezer side of beef will usually range between 350 pounds to 450 pounds. 
  • Price is based on hanging weight. 
  •  60 to 65% of meat to take home. 
  • For any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us. 


Illustrated Chart of Beef Cuts

Beef-Retail-Cuts-Chart-2018 (pdf)


Beef Cutting Sheet

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